Hello and welcome to ShoppingBasics.in, you should think of us as your virtual online shopping assistant that will assist you with any purchases. Shopping on the internet is not always easy but we aim to take some of the strain away by providing you with genuine reviews and buyers guides for whatever you might be looking for. Carry on reading to discover a little more about us, so you can assess whether we are the right company for you or not.


We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality product reviews so that you can make smart shopping decisions online. It is sometimes difficult when you cannot physically hold the goods in your hands and that is why we decided to create this site in the first place.

We should also mention that we do work in affiliate marketing but that in no way affects the reviews that we are providing to you. Our primary aim is acting as a guide for whatever you might be interested in spending your money on.


ShoppingBasics.in is the perfect choice for any customers looking to get a review on a particular product. You do not have to be from a certain place in the world if you are looking for buyers guide on a particular item – we are here to save you no matter who you are.

We promise honesty at all times, none of our reviews is done with ulterior motives. Money does not grow on trees; can you really afford to be spending money on an item that does not live up to your expectations? Of course not, so allow us to be the helping hand you need when shopping online.


You might be wondering why you should be choosing ShoppingBasics.in with product reviews and if you can trust us? We will be speaking more a little about how we create the buyer’s guides later but for now, let me just say that we are very trustworthy and our website is completely free, so why not put your faith in us?

Not every product is perfect and we will be talking about the drawbacks as well as the pros to particular products so that you get a broad overview of what they are really like. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by using us for all your shopping needs.

Buy products that really work and meet your needs as a consumer. In addition to the cost, you probably don’t have time to spend hours trailing for decent items online. We save you both time and money, at no cost to yourself. 


  1. We find the products that we know people are in need of and that there is a lot of variety of on the market. These could be things like coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, televisions and much more. We tend to focus on the products that are a little more expensive because it is even more important that you make smart shopping decisions when purchasing these.    
  2. Based on the different categories we have identified, ShoppingBasics.in will then look for the most popular of these items. Whether this is the highest reviewed or the ones that are talked about highly amongst customers. We do the research so that you do not have to.    
  3. We narrow down the products that we think you want and we create reviews on them before testing the items of course. This is where the real work comes in, and the buyer’s guide is perfected before they are put live onto the site.    
  4. All reviews are legit; they are unbiased and will provide you with all the information you need when deciding what to buy and what to stay away from.


Now that you know a little bit more about the product reviews and buyers guides that we offer, hopefully, you can see that ShoppingBasics.in are a brand that you can put your trust into. We aim to help you, saving you both time and money when shopping online and who doesn’t want that? Please browse our pages at your leisure and don’t forget to tell all your friends about exactly what we offer.