Best Detergent For Washing Machine (Liquid vs Powder Detergent)

Best Detergent For Washing Machine

Zeroing in on the best detergent for washing machine isn't always an easy job. With so many options out there, it might often seem confusing to pick the right one for your fabric. This is especially relevant for the ones who have little clue about how detergents work and how they differ from each other.

So, in this article, we'll clear your doubts and inform you of all the nitty gritties of powder detergent and their liquid counterpart. Read on to know everything about these detergent types and the best detergent for washing machine.

Difference between Liquid and Powder Detergent

Liquid vs Powder Detergent

When it comes to detergents, you will find a range of products in the market. Most detergents are broadly classified as liquid detergent and powder detergent. In this section, we will assess the difference between the two.    

Powder Detergent (Hand Wash)

As with everything else, powder detergents are classified as hand wash powder detergent and machine wash powder detergent. Hand wash powder detergent is tailored for washing your clothes by hand or via semi-automatic washing machines.

Powder Detergent (Machine Wash)

As you'd guess from the name, Machine washing detergent are the ones that are tailored for complete machine wash. You can use these detergents in your fully automatic washing machines. They work best with limited water, and they produce significantly lesser suds.

Liquid Detergent (Machine Wash)

Like powder detergents for machine wash, liquid detergents are also tailored as per the workings of a fully automatic washing machine. You can conveniently use it for treating your stains. Simply pour the detergent and it will pre-treat your stains before finally working on them. If you are looking to get rid of oil, grease, and similar stains, liquid detergent is an excellent option.    

Best Laundry Detergent for Washing Machine     

As with detergents, washing machines tend to differ and this is why you should use the best laundry detergent for your washing machines. Unless you do this, you will end up with dull, worn-out clothes that haven't been thoroughly cleaned.

Liquid detergent, for instance, is great on food stains, grease, and oil stains. Since this is fluid in nature, it can also pre-treat your stains. You should use liquid detergents if you want to spot-treat a fabric or tend to get into food spills.

As per the setting of your washing machine, choose the cold wash option as its powders may not dissolve the same way at a lower temperature. Liquid detergents work best for top loaded fully automatic machines.

If, however, you are planning to wash your whites or regular clothes in a semi-automatic machine, powdered detergent might be a good option. It is especially great for light stains and stains from the outdoors.

Finally, if you have a high-efficiency washing machine, it is best to use high-efficiency detergents. These detergents produce less suds thereby making it easier for the high-efficiency machine for rinsing the soap.

List of Best Detergent for Top Loading Washing Machine in India

  • Liquid Detergent
  • Powder Detergent
Ariel Top Load Powder Detergent
1. Ariel Matic Powder Detergent (Top Load)
Surf Excel Top Load Powder Detergent
2. Surf Excel Matic Powder Detergent (Top Load)
Henko Top Load Powder Detergent
3. Henko Matic Powder Detergent (Top Load)
Syclone Top Load Powder Detergent
4. Syclone Matic Powder Detergent (Top Load)
Presto Top Load Powder Detergent
5. Presto Matic Powder Detergent (Top Load)

List of Best Detergent for Front Load Washing Machine in India

  • Liquid Detergent
  • Powder Detergent
Ariel Front Load Powder Detergent
1. Ariel Matic Powder Detergent (Front Load)
Surf Excel Front Load Powder Detergent
2. Surf Excel Matic Powder Detergent (Front Load)
Henko Front Load Powder Detergent
3. Henko Matic Powder Detergent (Front Load)
Syclone Front Load Powder Detergent
4. Syclone Matic Powder Detergent (Front Load)
Presto Front Load Powder Detergent
5. Presto Matic Powder Detergent (Front Load)

How to use Liquid Detergent?

How to use liquid detergent ?

Using liquid detergent will be easier when you do it the right way. This is really important as the load might differ and with varying loads, the level of detergent you might require will also tend to vary.

If you are using the liquid detergent in your washing machine, make sure you do not use plenty of it since it'll leave you having clothes that appear soapy and sticky. You should use less detergent as well.

The best way to do is by using the cap of your washing detergent. This cap will serve as a dosing device. Simply fill this cap as per the given instructions at the back of your detergent's pack. If you have a heavily stained garment, pour the detergent on the stain before putting it in the drawer of your machine.

A front-load washing machine will require 45 ml of liquid and a top-load one will require 60 ml of liquid. Do note that the amount might vary depending on the intensity of your stains and the number of clothes you plan on washing. It is important to set the dosing properly so that you are left with clothes that are clean and thoroughly washed in all areas.

Once you're done checking the dosing, take a look at the fabric care label of your specific garment. As you read this, you will get a full insight into how you should wash the items, and the temperature you should wash them in.

Next, shortlist the items in whites, colors, dark's as they should be washed individually. Load your soiled clothes before using any laundry detergent. Do ensure that you don't end up overloading your machine with the clothes. Simply keep your palm, right above the drum, on your laundry. If you don't manage to fit your hand, get rid of the items until it finally does.

If you plan on cleaning and getting rid of the tough stains from the garments, try using a liquid detergent. As we already mentioned, try washing similar colors and separate your whites from the colored clothes and try washing them individually.

Choose the right wash cycle as per the fabric care label of your garment. Close your bottle post-use and keep the detergent away from kids.

How to use Powder Detergent?

How to use powder detergent ?

To use powder detergent, you need to dose it the right way. However, even before doing that, you need to check how soiled your laundry is, the number of garments you plan on washing, the type of your washing machine and also the type of the water in your area.

For best results, check all dosing instructions at the back of your pack, and use a scoop for measuring the proper amount of detergent.

Just like little detergent doesn't offer you the desired amount of cleaning, plenty of powder detergent isn't the best way to clean clothes. If you find any trace of residue from the powder, your clothes might end up with a sticky or soapy feel. Additionally, they will seem musty and the colors will turn grey.

Always check instructions related to the dosage on your package. Use scoops for measuring the right dose. If you have either top-loader or semi-automatic machine, add the detergent in the drum before you add clothes.

For front loader machines, try adding the powder to the front drawer. After adding the detergent, get your clothes inside the drum. Choose your preferred cycle as per the fabric care level. Finally press start.

As with everything else, there are benefits and cons, of both powders as well as liquid detergents. So, the kind of detergent you should use will depend on your own preference and the type of machine you are using.

For best results, always check the available detergents instead of randomly picking the one that you are comfortable with. Assess the kind of detergent that will serve beneficial for your clothes, your machine and you. Finally pick the product that suits your unique needs.    

Buyer's Guide for choosing the Best Detergent

Choosing the best detergent isn't really an easy task. This is why we've come up with a dedicated buyer's guide that'll help you pick the best detergent for both manual pieces of washing as well as a washing machine.

Detergent for your Fabrics

Choosing the right detergent isn't always easy especially when you are not familiar with doing laundry. For almost all clothes, biological detergents and the non-biological ones offer excellent results. They are great for your whites and bright colors.

Biological detergents will offer stain removal at a relatively low temperature as they come laden in enzymes of different types. These, eventually help getting rid of protein, starch and other fat-based stains.

Non-biological detergents are especially tailored keeping your skin-care considerations and they do not have any added enzyme.

You can choose between liquid and powder depending on your fabric type. Everyday wear fabrics and cotton clothes work best with powder detergent. That said, avoid washing bright clothes in powder as it might dull the color. Liquids, on the other hand, are more suited for silk, linen and other delicate fabric.

Detergent for Cleaning Stains

Stains occur in various circumstances. This is why there are multiple kinds of stain. Greasy stains developed while you're cooking isn't the same as the dirt stains you might get while you're outside.      

If you get greasy stains or any other stains that require pre-treatment, it is best to use liquid detergent. Contrarily, for tough stains like coffee or ketchup use powder detergent.


Now that you have a clear insight into detergents and how exactly they work, what are you waiting for? Explore your options and choose the best detergent for your washing machine. Since our guide encompassed every relevant detail about these products, we are certain that you will now be able to make a better and more informed decision.

Remember, unless you choose the best laundry detergent you can never get freshly cleaned clothes that smell nice and look good. If you have any doubts or are looking to share a hack about detergents, feel free to reach out to us in the comment section below. We are always willing to help you!

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