Best Water Purifiers in India (2020) - Reviews & Buyer's Guide

Best Water Purifier

Water purifiers are a nifty tool for comprehensively cleaning water and rendering a natural taste to it. However, it is not an easy job to choose the best water purifier with many choices around. That is why we’ve listed the best water purifier for home and comprehensively reviewed them. Therefore, once you read the reviews, it’ll be easier to zero in on the best water purifier in India.

10 Best Water Purifier in India (2019)

1. Kent Grand 8 Liters RO+UV/UF+TDS Controller Water Purifier

Kent Water Purifier

Primary Features

  • It is backed by a tank capacity of 8 liters.
  • Comes with a quick and hassle-free installation process.
  • This device is backed by a combination of RO, UV, UF & TDS controller technologies.
  • Comes with a product warranty of 1 year.
  • Has a purification capacity of 15 liters per hour.

This product from Kent is one of the best ones out there if you're planning to invest in an elegant, functional, and sleek water purifier. This appliance is backed by futuristic technology that offers you safe, clean, and completely natural drinking water.

Therefore, one of its key takeaways is KENT's personally patented RO technology. Due to this advanced technology and the top-notch TDS controller, your water will fully retain all its natural minerals, leaving you with proper & consistent purification.

Furthermore, this device also comes powered by the double purification technology that effectively gets rid of the dissolved impurities like cysts, bacteria, trapped salts, sands, and viruses. Consequently, leaving you with water that is completely safe for consumption.

Also, this device truly impressed us with its 8 liters storage capacity. Moreover, its excellent purification capacity of 15 liters per hour allows you to enjoy clean water at a quicker rate. That means you have the cleanest source of water as and when you need it. 

This water purifier also has multiple certifications in its kitty. As a result of its CE certification, a NSF International Certification, and a certification from the Water Quality Association, you can be assured of pure and clean drinking water without any speck of germs and impurity.

Certainly, this water purifier from KENT is one of those rare devices that fully exceeds our expectations both in terms of appearance as well as power-packed performance.


  • Extremely simple to operate.
  • This device is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It removes every form of dissolved impurity from the water.
  • Effectively purifies every type of water.


  • Its inline sediment filter and carbon filters require yearly replacement.

2. HUL Pureit Copper+Mineral 8 Liters RO+UV+MF Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Water Purifier

Primary Features

  • Powered by a seven-stage filtration process.
  • It purifies your water with a combination of RO, UV, and MF technologies.
  • Comes backed by the Intelligent Auto Cleaning Technology.
  • Dual Dispenser Technology offers clean and copper charged water at every instance.
  • It comes with 1 year warranty.

When it comes to invest in a high-quality water purifier with advanced features, you can never go wrong with the brand HUL Pureit and this Copper + RO water purifier from the brand is yet another one of its top additions. As you must have guessed from the name, this device is tailored to infuse the various health benefits of copper in its RO purified water.

This product comes with various filters like the pre-sediment filter, RO filter, mesh filter, UV reactor, and others. As a result, this device treats every form of impurity from your water. Another great feature of this water purifier is the Dual Water Dispensing technology. Due to this feature, you will get RO purified water as well as copper charged water in an instant.

However, the biggest takeaway of this device is its seven-stage purification process. As a result of this feature, your water goes through seven different stages of purification. This reduces impurities and keeps the water completely clean. Also, since the tank storage capacity is 8 litres, there's never an instance where you run out of clean water.

Moreover, the device features the intelligent copper auto-cleaning technology. Due to this feature, the device automatically senses the right cleaning schedule where it cleans your water and infuses it with high-quality copper.


  • This device is extremely easy to set up and operate.
  • It works well for most Indian families, with its 8 liter storage capacity.
  • It renders your water’s natural taste.
  • Infuses the right amount of copper in water to treat and kill all impurities.


  • Copper flavoured water may be difficult to drink and may not suit to some people.   

3. Livpure Glo 7 Liters RO+UV+Mineralizer Water Purifier

Livpure Water Purifier

Primary Features

  • Comes with a storage capacity of 7 litres.
  • Powered by a 7-stage filtration process.
  • The tank is crafted from high-quality, food-grade plastic.
  • It uses RO and UV technology with the mineralizer for consistent purification of water.
  • It comes with a one-year product warranty.

With a massive capacity of 7 litres, this water purifier from the Glo series of Livpure is one of the most popular devices from the brand. This water purifier comes backed by every relevant feature, thereby ensuring that you enjoy clean and readily available water at every instance.

While the features of this product certainly stand as a major highlight, one of its defining aspects also lies in its appearance. This device is incredibly stylish, sleek and lightweight that comes power-packed with advanced purification and functional indicators.

Further, let’s talk about the most relevant feature of this water purifier. This device comes with six different filtration stages. These include - the sediment filtration, pre-activated carbon filtration, advanced RO membrane, disinfection column for UV, a highly functional mineralizer and a post-carbon filtration unit.

So, these stages treats odour, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms from your water. Thereby, making it completely pure and safe for consumption at every instance. As a result to these features, LivePure’s Glo is one of the best water purifiers for home.


  • It ensures comprehensive purification of water.
  • Has a water delivery capacity of 12 litres per hour.
  • Purifies water from toxic bacteria and viruses.
  • Comprehensively treats all sediments and cysts from the water with its 6-stage purification process.


  • The installation process can be simplified.

4. Faber Altroz 10 Liters RO+UV+UF+MAT Water Purifier

Faber Altroz Water Purifier

Primary Features

  • It offers enhanced protection with the RO, UV and UF membranes.
  • Comes with a TDS filtration capacity of up-to 3,000 PPM level.
  • It has a filtration capacity of 13.5 liters/hour.
  • Backed by the smart energy saving mode that quickly turns the power off when you are not using the device.
  • Comes with storage capacity of 10 liters.

Faber will become one of your top options if you are looking to enjoy clean and purified water for your entire family. This is certainly one of the most feature-rich products from the brand, as it is powered by a filtration process that involves 9 different stages. This device collectively uses the RO, UV, UF, and MAT filtration along with a high-end mineral filter. 

The functions are further boosted by the aqua last DOW membrane that has a TDS filtration capacity of 3,000 units. The filtration devices are manufactured in the US under the latest manufacturing conditions. Therefore, they offer unmatched performance both in terms of durability and efficiency.

Another major takeaway of this product is its efficient filter cartridges. Yes, there are different cartridges dedicated to treating sediments, carbon, cysts, viruses and bacteria. Further, the RO membrane and MAT filters enhance the performance with their quick and efficient functions.

While it comes with an overall storage capacity of 10 litres, it’ll easily serve the requirements of most Indian families. Consequently, we loved the features of this product and would certainly recommend it to everyone who’s looking for a sleek, functional water purifier at an affordable price.

  • Its simple and hassle-free to install.
  • Comes with an excellent water storage capacity of 10 litres.
  • The germ block technology effectively resists germs.
  • Its tank and cartridges are highly durable.


  • This device doesn't have indicators for displaying functions like tank full, water filling, etc..

5. LG Puricare 8 Liters RO+UV Water Purifier

LG Water Purifier

Primary Features

  • This device comes with an advanced stainless-steel tank.
  • The UV and RO technology effectively removes bacteria and cysts from water.
  • The five-stage filtration system leaves you with purified water.
  • Stays hygienic with digital sterilizing care. 
  • Comes with a product warranty of 1 year.

You can never go wrong with LG when it comes to electronic devices and this is yet another product that proves this statement. The Puricare Water Purifier from LG is one of the latest products from the brand. It is best known for its style, functions, and ease of operation.

Certainly, even if you haven’t used a water purifier before this, using and operating LG’s Puricare will be a breeze. This product will certainly meet your requirements as it is powered by the best features and the highest standards of filtration.

Most importantly, its true filtration system involves five stages of purification. This purification process is tailored to effectively treat your water from bacteria, viruses, cysts and every other form of impurity. In addition, this feature single handedly prevents the mixture of pure and impure water. This in turn ensures mineral retention in water and makes your water taste and smells great.

Another feature in line is the stainless-steel tank that is tailored to offer consistent protection. Far superior to the conventional plastic tanks, these stainless-steel tanks always ensure your water is safe and duly protected. It also retains the freshness of water and prevents the growth of algae and bacteria.


  • The purified water seems natural and odour-free.
  • Its advanced purification processes kills bacteria, viruses, & algae from the water.
  • The device has been internationally certified for dispensing clear water.
  • Digital sterilization reduces the need for frequent maintenance.


  • Can't find any.

6. Blue Star Majesto 8 Liters RO+UV Water Purifier

Blue Star Water Purifier

Primary Features

  • Backed by six different stages of filtration.
  • It is very easy installable and simple to operate.
  • The body is sleek, compact and durable.
  • The Aqua Taste Booster improves the taste of water.
  • It comes with product warranty of 1 year.
  • Comes with 8 liters of storage capacity.

This water purifier from Blue Star’s Majesto line of products is yet another steak deal. As a result of its massive storage capacity this device is ideal for most Indian homes. Likewise, you can also get this installed in your workplace. Either way, it will meet your unique requirements and offer you the degree of purification you always looked forward to.

This product from Blue Star comes with a six-stage filtration system. As a result, you will find a dedicated feature for trapping the major impurities, a pre-activated filtration system for getting rid of volatile parts, a specific sediment filter for eliminating mud & other dissolved impurities, UV lamps for destroying viruses & bacteria and finally a post-activated carbon filter for treating the water more efficiently.

While there are multiple features in line, we were especially impressed by the aqua taste booster as it effectively improves the taste of water. Because of this feature, you are left with natural and great-tasting water without any trace of impurity.

Furthermore, this water purifier is also backed by highly advanced system alerts like the full-tank indicating unit and the on-process indicating unit. Both these features collectively ensure that you get to know when your water is duly filled up according to its 8 liters storage capacity.


  • Purifies water without any trace of odour or unnatural taste.
  • The RO membrane effectively gets rid of heavy metals.
  • The double filtration method efficiently treats your water.
  • This purifier also treats hard water.


  • This device isn't best for low water pressure zones.

7. AO Smith Z8 Green 10 Liters RO+SCMT Water Purifier

AO Smith Water Purifier

Primary Features

  • It ensures both purification and conservation of water.
  • The storage tank is made from high-quality plastic.
  • It provides you with hot water also.
  • Comes with a water storage capacity of 10 litres.
  • It comes with a warranty of one year.

Available from the Green Series, the Z8 Water Purifier from AO Smith boasts a stunning & futuristic design with some of the best features in line. Thanks to its eight-stage filtration system, your water goes through multiple stages before it is finally available to you.

These stages include the pre-filtration process, the sediment filtration process, the carbon block stage, the advance recovery technology, the classic mineralizer technology and the RO membrane along with the SCMT filter.

Moreover, this purifier has an option for getting hot water at two different temperature levels. Yes, you can get hot water either at 45° Celsius or at 80° Celsius. This hot water feature is great for the times when you want to whip up tea, coffee or simply require the water for your sore throat.

Another major highlight of this product is its innovative and completely patented Advanced Water Recovery Technology. Due to this feature, you get to conserved twice as much when compared to conventional RO purifiers.

Furthermore, there’s another dedicated feature called the Min-Tech that consistently adds minerals during the process of purification. As a result of this, you get to consume pure and healthy water every time. Therefore, we would recommend this for everyone who’s looking to purchase a functional water purifier at a limited budget.


  • It consistently offers healthy and natural water.
  • It adds minerals to the water from time to time.
  • Features a dedicated facility for dispensing warm water.
  • Gives alert for filter & membrane change. 


  • This device is a bit expensive as compared to other purifiers.
  • After sales service needs to be improved.

8. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb 6.5 Liters RO+UV+UF+MTDS Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Water Purifier

Primary Features

  • The exteriors and the tank are crafted from high-quality plastic.
  • It reduces the presence of toxic chemical substances in the water.
  • This device has a solid tank lid which prevents the cross-contamination of water.
  • It has TDS regulator to easily customize the taste of water.
  • This product comes with 1 year warranty.

Powered by advanced technology and high-end aesthetics, Aqua Guard from Eureka Forbes is one of the best products in line. This device is tailored to offer maximum purification. Therefore, it treats out every kind of external impurity from your water.

This appliance is extremely efficient and is also backed by a TDS regulator that effectively tweaks the taste of water. Due to this feature, you can enjoy natural tasting water without any external color or odour. This feature is especially useful to the people whose source of water changes from time to time.

Another excellent feature in line is the Mineral Guard Technology that is incredibly effective in retaining the minerals in your water. Also, this device comes with a silver-impregnated cartridge that effectively boosts the taste of water. This feature is equally viable in improving the overall protection of water.

Since this water purifier is made from high-quality plastic, it is also completely non-toxic. As a result with these excellent features, this device is also one of the top contenders for India’s Best Water Purifier.


  • This water purifier is easily installable.
  • Cleaning doesn’t take much time.
  • It treats every form of impurities from the water.
  • It provides goodness of copper with Active Copper Technology.   


  • Its storage tank capacity is bit less as compared to other water purifiers.

9. Havells Max Alkaline 7 Liters RO+UV Water Purifier

Havells Water Purifier

Primary Features

  • It is backed by a seven-stage purification process.
  • The controls are easily understandable and easy to operate.
  • It offers alkaline water, which has a pH level of 8 to 10.
  • This device instantly offers purified water.
  • It comes with product warranty of 1 year.

This Alkaline water purifier from Havells is one of the best products in the line. This product has a unique design that makes it a compact and sleek product. Due to this unique design, you can conveniently mount the appliance in the corner of your kitchen or your office canteen.

Another most relevant feature in line is the seven-stage purification process. As a result of this feature, your water is thoroughly cleansed of dirt, germs, cysts and other common impurities. This device ensures you to expect pure and natural water by the end of the process. Also, this device is known for delivering high-quality alkaline water with pH levels ranging from 8 to 10.

Another feature we loved was the iProtect Purification. Due to this feature, the time for purifying the water is significantly reduced. Also by this self-diagnostic process of purification, you will be duly informed if the water is pure and safe for consumption or not.

Furthermore, you will also find other user-friendly alter about the status of the tank and overall water pressure. Additionally, we were impressed by the dedicated error alert for pump failure or issues in UV purification.


  • It offers virus, germ, and cyst free water.
  • This device is practically hassle-free to clean.
  • Its design is compact and space savvy.
  • The tank is made from high-quality materials.


  • The quantity of water wastage is very high. 
  • Alkaline water may not suit to everybody.

10. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart Plus 6 Liters RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Water Purifier

Primary Features

  • Comes backed by the RO, UV, and MTDS technology.
  • It automatically shuts down once the tank is full, hence saving electricity.
  • Comes with a high quality durable tank.
  • The device is safe from damages in case of voltage fluctuations.
  • It is backed-up by 1 year product warranty.

This is the second product from Eureka Forbes to make it to our list because of its flexibility, ease of operation and incredible features. This device dons a compact & futuristic design, perfect to meet the unique requirements of your smart home.

The device is backed by a combination of the RO, UV and MTDS technology that effectively cleanses water even when it comes from different sources. Another major highlight is the craftsmanship of its tank. Such is the quality of this tank that it'll last you several years down the line. While the smart design of this device is one of its biggest takeaways, we also loved the smart indicators.

The device comes backed by indicators in different colors that duly inform you about the status of purification, the status of the tank, the availability of water pressure and the status of water supply. Additionally, this device also informs you if it encounters (or is likely to encounter) any error. This maximizes its performance and helps you make the most of it.

Furthermore, this device has a durable cartridge life that offers long water cleaning capacity. It currently comes with an average cleaning capacity of 6000 litres of water per cartridge. Hence your family gets to enjoy consistently pure water for several years.


  • It gives you instant access to clean and pure water.
  • Its indicators offer status about water pressure and purification level.
  • This device has an excellent and long-lasting cartridge.
  • This is a smart purifier at a price which fits in everyone's  budget. 


  • Its tank has less water storage capacity.
  • Can be a bit noisy.

Water Purifier Buying Guide

Water Purifier Buying Guide

If you’re planning to buy the best water purifiers, you’re probably baffled with the plenitude of options. So, here’s a quick list of the relevant features you should look for in India’s best water purifier.

Technology: This is one of the biggest pre-determinants of good water purifier. Most Indian water purifiers come with the RO, UV and UF technologies. While three of these technologies ace in their way, you should especially look for RO and UV, or a combination of the three. If you are unsure about the technologies, we'll break it down for you:

  • UV- UV technology is effective in treating your water from possible water-borne microorganisms and chemicals.
  • RO- This is one of the best technologies in Indian water purifiers. It improves the quality of water by transforming hard water and treating chemicals from water.
  • UF- The Ultra-Filtration technology is most prevalent in gravity-based water purifiers. This technology removes cysts but doesn’t work on viruses.

Storage: The best water purifier for a home should have a capacity from 6 litres to 8 litres. Therefore, do not settle with any water purifier having a lower capacity.

TDS Controllers: This feature is commonly found in advanced water purifiers. It is an effective tool as it auto-manages the TDS level in the water and sets the right purification process accordingly.

Other Features to Consider: In addition to the mentioned features, you should also ensure that the best RO water purifier comes with LED indicators and features for water and power consumption.

Choosing the Best Water Purifier According to the Water Type?

You should check the type of water in your area before getting a water purifier. This is usually measured by assessing the TDS. If the TDS of your groundwater is higher than 500 ppm, a good RO water purifier might be your best bet!

Alternatively, if the TDS is lower than 500 ppm, a UV purifier will meet your needs. However, if your locality has a combination of ground water and surface water, a solid purifier with automatic sensing of the purification technology will be useful.

How water purifiers work?  

Water is a necessary element for the survival of the human race. Much space research in recent years have been carried around the possibility of having water resources in extra-terrestrial planets. So, it is a well-known fact that water is a fundamental necessity for sustaining life beyond earth.

While Earth's surface itself is composed of two-thirds of water, not all of it considered fit for use. Sea water has high content of salt, while those found in rivers and banks have high concentration of harmful substances. Therefore, the need for water purification is necessary before this water can be used for human consumption. 

You might be unconscious of the fact that there are several water purification steps that every drop of water goes through before it ultimately reaches your home. These employ modern technologies that help to extract toxic substances from water and make it fit for drinking and domestic use.

How can water purifiers help in providing safe drinking water?  

Water purifiers are an essential tool, that provide clean drinking water to the households in India. Using a combination of different types of water purification processes, they are able to remove harmful substances and give purified water to the households.    

Also the municipalities across the country use water chlorination process to purify ground water. However, this water has a high concentrate of chlorine that can lead to a series of health diseases.

But, water purifiers are able to treat this chlorine and provides you with water that has minimum amount of infectious substances in it. The processes used in water purification include Ultra Violet Disinfection (UV), Ultra-filtration (UF), Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration (RO), Activated Carbon Filtration and Alkaline/Water Ionization.    

There are several different types of water purifiers available in the market. While not all of them may use all the different types of water filters mentioned above, most of them use the majority of the filtration techniques to purify dirty water.

Different Types of Filters used in a Water Purifier

Water purification is a complex and delicate process. The water purifier uses several types of filters and processes to provide clean water. Each of the filters and processes help in removing different substances from the water.

1. Sediment Filter 

Among the many water purification steps, one of the first is sediment filtration. Sediment filters are used as a pre-filter in the water purification processes. The sediment filter is made from polyester fibers and cotton.

They are used to remove solid particles from the running water. It traps suspended particles like debris and dirt from water. However, they are not able to remove solids dissolved in water like, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals.    

Sediment filters are not at the heart of purification process but they prevent dust and dirt from entering the RO and UV filters. This prevents the filters from getting damaged.

2. Carbon Filter

These filters have activated carbon, a form of carbon made from coal, nut shells, coconut shell and wood. Mostly it is made from charcoal. Millions of pores are opened up between carbon atoms by treating charcoal with oxygen.

Carbon filters help in removing chlorine and organic compounds like fulvic acid, humic acid and sediments. These filters work by the process called absorption. Furthermore, the water is made to pass through the carbon filter, during which the pollutants get trapped in the pore membranes.

They are most effective in removing sediments, chlorine and certain organic compounds from the water. Additionally, they also remove chemicals that provide bad smell and taste to the water, making it fit for consumption. Carbon filters can remove particles of size ranging from 0.5-50 micrometers.

3. RO (Reverse Osmosis) Filter


RO filters make use of semi-permeable membranes to purify water. The membranes are extremely small and traps the harmful particles that pass through them.

A water pump is used to push the water through the membranes. This results in substances like fluoride, chlorine, lead, nitrates, arsenic and sulphates getting trapped in the RO membrane. Consequently, the water that comes out of the RO filter is purified water.    

RO filters are considered as the most effective filtration process in a water purifier. The RO membrane is so small that particles larger than .001 microns cannot pass through it. Therefore, RO filtration is able to remove up to 98% of all the dissolved solids in tap water.    

However, the water that comes out of RO filter has a low pressure. As the membrane through which water passes is very small. During the RO filtration process 50% of water is discarded as waste water. This means that if 2 liters of water goes in as input, only 1 liter of water comes out as clean water and the remaining is released through the drain pipe.

4. UV (Ultraviolet) Filter

Ultraviolet filters are used to destroy bacteria from water. The ultraviolet rays can penetrate the harmful pathogens present in the water and destroy them by changing their DNA. As a result, their ability to reproduce and grow in numbers eliminates.

Moreover, this process does not use any chemicals to treat water. Therefore, this process is considered environment friendly to use. Ultraviolet filters effectively remove micro-organisms like viruses, cysts and bacteria which causes water borne diseases.    

The UV filter consists of a UV lamp tube. The water has to pass through this UV lamp tube for purification. After that UV lamp releases UV light on the running water that damages the DNA of bacteria & viruses and makes them inactive. Though the germs remain in the water, they are incapable of causing any harm.

UV filtration is ideal for water that has low TDS level. It can treat water from lakes and rivers. On the other hand, UV filters are unable to treat hard water and does not remove chemicals like arsenic, fluoride and chlorine. 

The UV lamp needs to be changed once a year to ensure effective performance. A UV filter can deliver 2 to 4 liters of clean water every minute and has a low energy requirement.


5. UF (Ultrafiltration) Filter

Just like Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultrafiltration (UF) uses membranes to treat dirty water. UF uses semi permeable membranes that trap small particles dissolved in water. It is ideal to be used in places where the concentrate of chemical contamination is low.    

When the water is made to pass through a UF membrane, solid particles like viruses, bacteria and other suspended substances get stuck in the membrane. The process is very similar to RO, the difference is just that a UF is able to block particles having larger size.    

A UF filter is able to remove particles varying in size from .01 to 1.0 microns. On the other hand, a RO filter is able to remove particles having a size of .001 microns. Most importantly, the best part of UF is that it does not use chemicals and has a longer life span. Also, UF filter can work without electricity and has a low maintenance cost. However, it is not able to treat hard water.

6. TDS Controller

TDS refers to Total Dissolved Solids and is used to identify the amount of minerals present in water.    

Filtration process like RO may sometimes remove essential minerals like calcium and magnesium from water. These salts are necessary for drinking purposes and the absence of it can make the water not fit for consumption.    

A TDS controller mixes RO processed water with a fixed unit of UF processed water to give you the desired level of TDS in water. A TDS controller has a screw that can be adjusted to give the desired amount of TDS in the output water.

What is TDS ?

TDS or Total dissolved solids is the amount of salts, organic material, metals and minerals found dissolved in a certain quantity of water. It is used to measure the purity and overall quality of water.

It can be suspended in water in ionized, colloidal solution or molecular form. Total dissolved solids are measured in the form of parts per million (ppm). High level of TDS might indicate that the water is harmful and not fit for consumption.

Total dissolved solids are caused by pesticides, fertilizers, silt, plankton, industrial waste, etc. Also, It can be caused by the presence of certain chemicals present in the air like calcium bicarbonate and nitrogen. However, the water purification steps used in water purifiers are able to reduce the amount of TDS in water.

The ideal level of TDS in drinking water should be between 300 to 500 range. But, if the level of TDS is lower than 300, then the quality of water is considered even better.

Importance of Water Purification

With rapid industrialization, water resources are getting contaminated at a faster rate. This validates the use of water purifiers that use different types of water purification processes to provide clean water to the households.

A study by the World Health Organization showed that over 21% of communicable diseases in India were related to water. This highlights the importance of using water purifiers. Most importantly, even the government is creating awareness and implementing policies that are aimed at making clean water accessible to all.

It is estimated that the water purifier industry in India is expected to register a CAGR of 15.4% between 2016-2024. Further, this segment is expected to be worth over $4.1 billion in near future. This shows that India is going to embrace water purification in a big way in the coming years.


Now that you know about the best water purifiers, what's keeping you waiting? Check out our reviews of India's Best Water Purifier and choose the one that'll work best for your home or workplace.

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