How To Use Vacuum Cleaner And Its Attachments

With the broom long forgotten, vacuum cleaners are a luxurious convenience that we only realize its true worth once it no longer works. Therefore, learning how to use vacuum cleaner effectively is a must for all of us.

There are some of us that use vacuum cleaner weekly, if not daily, who certainly wouldn't be able to live without one. Then there are those that might only use one once a year. But when you do use it, the vacuum cleaner does the job it was designed for and it does it well.

You may prefer to sweep and that's all good and well on hard flooring. But for your carpets and rugs and even furniture, vacuum cleaners are our modern-day Fairy Godmothers.

They are able to pick up and collect dust from every nook and cranny, including that which is invisible to the naked eye. And it isn't visible until you empty the dust bag that you find out just how unbelievably dirty your floors were!

Using A Vacuum Cleaner Effectively

All this being said and being designed so that even your ten-year-old could pick up the hose and give it a go, there are certain things to consider when using your vacuum cleaner. Kindly, read the below given steps to how to use vacuum cleaner like an expert.

How To Use Vacuum Cleaner

Step 1.  Ensure that the bag or canister (depending on the age of your vacuum cleaner) is empty. Otherwise even after all your hard work it won't be able to take in all the dirt. However, do this outside where possible so that you don't create more mess before you've even begun.

This goes for your filter too. Ensuring it is clean and in working order will ensure it collects microscopic particles before they ruin the motor.

Step 2.  Before you switch on the on button move all small objects off the floor/your vacuuming surface. It can be a nuisance to do so during a vacuum and wastes valuable time and energy.

If they can't be moved completely, like a coffee table, ensure they are empty so they can be moved with ease, allowing you to reach those secret dust spots.

Step 3.  For those that have corded vacuum cleaners please take care of your wires. This is a personal one for me who finds that even the shortest of wires end up tangled.  

Furthermore, make sure you have enough wire uncoiled from your vacuum cleaner for the surface area you are trying to reach. Otherwise, you'll spend half the time going back to the electric socket to put the plug back in that you have accidentally pulled out for the umpteenth time.

Step 4.  If you have a cordless vacuum cleaner, ensure there is enough charge for the job you are wanting it to do. It becomes very frustrating when you have one room left to vacuum and the battery dies and the room gets forgotten about by the time the battery is recharged.

Step 5.  Like at work where you have to ensure your seat is the optimum height for your desk. Similarly, adjust the height of the hose pipe so that you don't end up with unnecessary back ache.

Step 6.  Moreover, adjust the suction levels too. Vacuuming carpets will need more suction than hardware flooring. For more technical modern appliances, make sure the vacuum's height is appropriate for the carpet length you are cleaning. This will ensure the right balance between getting enough suction and airflow.

Step 7.  Although some of us use vacuuming as a form of exercise, it is important not to move the vacuum so quickly over the carpet as if in a race against the clock. The fast you move the vacuum backwards and forwards, the less dirt it will be able to suction. Slow and steady wins the race (against dirt).

Step 8.  Once your vacuuming is finished, give it some rest. Try cleaning the main frame with warm soapy water and brushing out the different brush attachments. This will eliminate all the excess dust before you transfer it back around on your next vacuum. Ensure you dry the bristles before combing those last bits of debris out so they fall away more easily.

Using Vacuum Cleaner Attachments Effectively

Now it wouldn't be a good vacuum cleaner without all its secret weapons. Its attachments have all been designed for a specific purpose and should be used as such. We have explained the uses of different vacuum cleaner attachments below.

How To Use Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

1. Crevice Tool :  The crevice tool is the most popular and my personal favourite. With its thin nozzle that attaches to the end of the hose, it allows you to reach those tight corners and edges that the main appliance is restricted to reaching.

It's easy to fit on and off mid vacuum sessions and once used you will never look back. I've even gone so far as to use it in cupboards and drawers.

2. Dust Brush :  If you have invested in a decent vacuum cleaner you may be presented with a dust brush. This is a fantastic circular-headed tool for vacuuming dust on the likes of wooden surfaces or shelves. 

Its soft brush allows for dust and debris to be suctioned without scratching these sensitive surfaces, and as a bonus it saves time as we don't need to dust by hand.

3. Extension Wand :  The extension wand is a life saver for those that have high ceilings and out of reach light fixtures. If you're giving your home a thorough clean, these high places should be vacuumed first as dust likes to fall with gravity. After you have vacuumed, you will get rid of the dust from the top and then there'll be none to fall on your clean carpet .

It is also very helpful tool at times if you plan to vacuum clean your car. This tool will aid you to clean areas of your car that are not easily reachable like trunk of your car, below your car seats, etc..  

4. Upholstery Brush :  It wouldn't be a complete dusting kit without the upholstery attachment. This is great for soft fabrics like curtains, mattresses and living room seated furniture. It allows you to collect dust from them without the hard manual labour and financial cost of getting them professionally cleaned.


With all these vacuuming conveniences it's hard to imagine vacuuming as a difficult task to do. We are lucky that vacuum cleaners have evolved over time to cater for our needs and our cleaning expectations. 

If anything, vacuuming is a chance to have technological fun while cleaning. And with the endless vacuuming tips and attachments on offer, what are your favourites?

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