7 Popular Types Of Vacuum Cleaner

Types Of Vacuum Cleaner

All of us want to keep our homes squeaky clean always and the one device that helps us achieve such results is a vacuum cleaner. Now, if you go vacuum cleaner shopping, be it online or in a brick and mortar store, you will be surprised by the plethora of choices that you have. Though this is great, it can also leave you confused about how many types of vacuum cleaner are there and that is when this vacuum cleaner buying guide will come to your rescue.

You will get to learn about the different popular types of vacuum cleaner available and also their benefits or so to say the reasons behind their popularity. Without any wait, let us get to learn about the different types of vacuum cleaner and why they can be a good option for you.

1. Canister Vacuum Cleaners 

Canister vacuum cleaners are immensely popular and not without reasons. Such cleaners are powerful, versatile, and you can use them with different types of attachments. 

They have been the first choice for those who have hardwood or any other bare flooring, but the new models come with power-heads and prove immensely helpful in also those places where they use carpeting.

The canister vacuum cleaners are easy to use and mostly light in weight. When you use a canister cleaner you simply will need to push the model's power nozzle wherever you wish to clean while your canister lies calmly on the floor right behind you.

Benefits Of Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • Great Suction Power Options

When it comes to a canister vacuum there is no limitation that you need to worry about as far the size is concerned. If you require a lot of power you can opt for a full-sized model. Those who have smaller homes, for them a compact canister will be ideal.

  • Light In Weight

Canister vacuum is much lighter compared to their counterparts and thus moving them around is super easy. You can also use them to vacuum your stairs without the least trouble.

  • Not Much Noise

They come with powerful motors but they are not that noisy.

2. Central Vacuum Cleaners

The next kind of vacuum cleaner in this list is the central vacuum. They are usually placed in some part of the home where it cannot be noticed like a garage or basement and they then offer suction power through hose outlets that can be placed anywhere in the home.

Using this vacuum cleaner is also very easy and you first need to plug a hose to an outlet. Any debris you collect will reach the suction unit and will stay there until you empty the dust cup or dust bag.

Benefits Of Central Vacuum Cleaner

  • Cleaner Air, Fewer Allergies

Once you start using this type of vacuum cleaner, the indoor air will be cleaner and there will be fewer chances of allergies as the central system extract dirt, debris and dust out from your house right into its main power unit.

  • Easy To Use

Central vacuums make cleaning as painless as can be. You can lift and use them with ease and reach any spot where dust collects.

  • Not Noisy

Portable vacuums can create a lot of noise and doing other things like talking over phone or watching TV, while a vacuum is on, becomes difficult. A central vacuum makes very little noise that will not bother you at all.

3. Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners may be heavier compared to the canister ones, but they offer more height settings and also strong suction capabilities. Such cleaners have mostly been used to clean carpeted areas, but many new models are perfectly suited to hardwood and other bare floors too.

You can store the upright vacuum cleansers anywhere as they are compact. Some of them are extremely versatile and come with cleaning attachments and hoses to make your cleaning job easier.

Benefits Of Upright Vacuum Cleaner

  • One Pass Cleaning

While cleaning your home you will not need to keep moving around the upright vacuum too many times, unlike various other cleaners. Just cover an area once and you have cleaned it perfectly well.

  • Ease Of Use

Upright vacuum generally has a tall construction. This can prove to be advantageous particularly to those with back pain problems. You will not need to bend, as you would need to while using various other cleaners. Even while standing straight you can get your cleaning job done.

4. Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Stick vacuum cleaners are portable, lightweight and suitable for quick cleanups. Such cleaners are a great choice for apartments, and other small residing places where there is not much storage space.

This type of vacuum cleaner can also be used in larger homes but mostly as secondary cleaners when you think taking out a full-sized one is not necessary. Usually, the stick vacuum cleaners are battery operated and can be stored anywhere easily.

Benefits Of Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  • Light In Weight

These types of cleaners are lighter in weight than the other cleaners. They are perfect for spot cleaning and can move around easily.

  • Versatile

Stick vacuums are highly versatile. You can convert them into handheld devices when needed, which runs on battery and is cordless.

  • Less Noise

Yet another benefit of using such a cleaner is that they produce very less noise and thus you can continue with cleaning your home without disturbing others around.

5. Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless vacuum cleaners, as the name itself suggests, are cleaners with any cords. So, you will be able to clear mess anywhere in your home and will not even need a power outlet.

These cleaners are battery operated and a charge in between your cleaning spree will allow you to enjoy a great battery life, and uninterrupted cleaning experience.

These cordless cleaners are perfect for bare floors, but there are some models that come with adjustable brush rolls with the help of which these vacuums can clean low-pile carpeting as well.

Benefits Of Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  • Highly Convenient

The cordless vacuums are light in weight and thus easy to carry. This makes it useful for those who need to clean big houses. This will not restrict your movement since there are no cords attached.

  • Reach Anywhere With Ease

Yet another great thing about cordless vacuums is that using it you can get rid of dust and dirt from those areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. Since such cleaners also come with extension tubes you can even clean as high as you want to without the slightest problem.

  • Can Save Energy

Corded cleaners use constant energy but the cordless ones work without being plugged into any socket. Once it is fully charged you can keep cleaning for hours (depends on the model).

6. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners have been designed to move independently throughout your home and collect debris and dust into a dustbin. They are crafted to move around furniture, do the cleaning job, and get back to their docking station when they require recharging.

These cleaners have been created for residential usage, but some high-end models are also used to clean hotels, offices, and hospitals as well.

Benefits Of Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Time Saving

Time is precious for all of us. After coming back home from work we need to get involved in the cleaning job which leaves us with not much time and energy to spend with family. Since a robot cleaner does the complete cleaning job on its own it proves as a blessing in disguise and leaves with time to spend with loved ones.

  • Great For Those With Mobility Problems

People with disabilities or mobility problems have to depend on housekeeping services and pay them a huge amount. The robot cleaner will make things easier for them, clean their entire home to perfection without them having to do anything, and of course, save them money as well.

  • Detects The Amount Of Dirt

Many robotic cleaners come with advanced sensors that easily detects how much cleaning an area requires. The device will keep on cleaning a space until it is completely clean, leaving you with no complaints at all.

7. Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Bagless vacuums offer the same amazing cleaning power like the bagged ones but you do not need to invest in any expensive bags and nor have to worry about changing or disposing of them. 

The bagless version uses cyclonic technology and collects debris and dirt in a canister where it stays collected until you empty them.

These bagless cleaners come with a lower price but you do need additional filter cleaning to help it serve you longer. If you do not like to keep worrying about the dust bags, then this will prove to be a good option for you.

Benefits Of Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

  • Great Suction Power

One of the advantages of bagless vacuum cleaner is their great suction power. They do not lose their suction as easily as compared to the bagged ones.

  • Easy To Clean Canister

The bagless vacuums come with a canister that you can easily empty when needed. Just release the canister from the device, snap the lid, and empty it.

  • Saves Money

As you will not need to keep buying bags you will be saving money. The bags also increase the probability of landfill and pollution, so by opting for the bagless ones you are lending a helping hand towards preserving the environment as well.


This vacuum cleaner buying guide surely must have enlightened you about the types of vacuum cleaner. Each of these vacuum cleaners are good on their own, and each has some benefits or the other to offer.

Which one you shall select amongst these is more a matter of preference. Tell us which is the one that you like the most, which is the one that perfectly fits your requirements? Kindly comment below with your answers.

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